Mustang fans have always been a breed apart. Ever since the first pony cars rolled off Ford’s production line in 1965, the Mustang has attracted drivers who value speed, style, and feeling above all else — people for whom a car isn’t simply a way of getting to work, but an extension of their personality. For this reason, Mustangs have always been amenable to customization and after-market personal touches that make an already distinct automobile completely unique.

Those who have had a chance to test drive the Mustang GT will know that it offers an intuitive, visceral driving experience, and a feeling of connection to the road that is hard to find in any other car. Those who have looked into the various trim options for the new 2018 Mustang will also know that Ford is making serious efforts to provide buyers with plenty of options — the fact that you can now buy a Mustang powered by a 2.3-litre EcoBoost turbocharged four cylinder engine is a sure sign that Ford is willing to move with the times. But many Mustang fans are still hungry for more options, which is why dealerships like Colony Ford in Brampton are offering in-house customization for new and used Mustangs.

Whether you are a long-time Mustang fan, or are just considering it for the first time, here are three reasons why you should consider customizing your Mustang.

  1. Make Your Car Stand Out

Any Mustang is guaranteed to turn heads, but if you want to make yours stand out from the crowd even more, you should consider a custom paint job, spoilers, hood or side scoops, racing stripes, or decals, all of which are great ways to mark your car as your own.

  1. Take Performance From Excellent To Amazing

Many drivers are drawn to the Mustang for its stylish looks, but for serious drivers the most important thing the Mustang has going for it is its drag-strip energy and growling swagger. While even with the most basic factory packages the Mustang will still give you eye-opening power, there are also plenty of enhancements available to give it even more agility and drive.

  1. Increase Your Mustang’s Value

It’s a truism in the automotive industry that a new car is not an investment. Even the best cars lose value after being driven off the lot, and Mustangs are no different. But by customizing your Mustang, you can help it keep its value for longer, especially if you invest in OEM parts or parts underwritten by Ford that will help boost performance without voiding warranty.

Summer has always been a hot time for auto sales, and for drivers who want to show off their independent spirit and devotion to the open road in one of the fastest, gutsiest cars available, the Mustang is a perennial favourite. But for those who truly want to proclaim their individuality, customization is the best way to make your Mustang completely your own. And with a range of high quality aesthetic and performance enhancing products available at your local Ford dealership, personalizing your Mustang this summer has never been easier.

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