The numbers are in, and sales for the end of 2018 show that the Lincoln comeback shows no signs of stopping. The luxury car brand, one of America’s oldest, posted an 8.5% increase in year over year sales delivering a remarkable 11,526 vehicles in December alone.

Experts suggest this is in large part due to Lincoln’s revamped SUV line-up. Over the past few years, Lincoln has been fazing out the old three-digit identifiers for models like the MKZ and replacing them with new, completely redesigned and re-branded vehicles like the Nautilus and Aviator.

These new SUVs are seeing incredible sales — the Nautilus, for example, boasted a 28% increase in retail last year — and are winning fans across North America. If you want to know why they are making such a deeply favourable impression on a new generation of luxury car buyers, you can click here to learn about the exciting new features and design elements that are helping these cars stand out from the crowd.

Over the course of its long life, the Lincoln Motor Company has seen a lot of ups and downs. Originally founded in 1917, the brand has, since 1922, been the luxury arm of Ford. In its twentieth century heyday, the brand was known for its legendary town cars.

The Lincoln Cosmopolitan and Lincoln Continental were the vehicles of choice for every president from Truman to Reagan, and for two generations they symbolized the height of American automotive style, power, and luxury. The brand began to fall on hard times in the 2000s, however, and by 2010 it was an open question whether or not the brand would survive.

This was in part due to a failure to keep up with the changing taste in luxury cars. With its brand so powerfully linked to sedans like the Continental, Lincoln struggled to keep pace with a market that had shifted entirely in favour of SUVs.

While the brand met with some success with its full-size Navigator SUV in the 1990s, when the market for smaller crossover SUVs exploded due to rising fuel prices in the first decade of the new millennium, Lincoln was unable to catch up.

Ten years later, however, the landscape couldn’t look more different. It is not just the new nameplates that are attracting attention from consumers and the automotive press; the all-new Navigator is proving to be a popular item, providing serious competition for rivals like the Cadillac Escalade.

The new Navigator has been favourably compared to a yacht, and it offers a kind of luxury that is coming back into vogue in Canada and the United States.

Not only does the interior feature the most sumptuous materials money can buy, it also provides comfort where it matters: the Navigator rides smoothly and quietly over even the bumpiest roads, and it can comfortably fit seven people with plenty of storage room besides.

In the century since it first started producing automobiles, Lincoln has gone from triumphant heights and distressing lows and back again, and if the current market indicators are to be believed, it looks like the current comeback will continue for years to come. And if its current models are anything to judge by, it still has a few iconic luxury vehicles to add to the pantheon of great American cars.

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